Axis Research is a strategic partner and trusted advisor that will take your issues head on and develop a research plan with the goal of delivering actionable short- and long-term strategies based on firm data and science.

The core of Axis research is a rigorous, uncompromising methodology that lets the data guide the way to smart, effective strategies – all built on hard science.  With quantitative and qualitative solutions, Axis specializes in brand and reputation management, campaign development, defining key audiences, and voter communication and messaging.

We aren’t just limited to one methodology, a single research strategy or the same bag of tricks.  With our experience and background, we will custom-build the perfect research plan for your budget and needs.  Axis bridges the past and future of research, merging tried-and-true traditional research methods of focus groups and phone surveys alongside the more novel techniques of online polling and data analytics in innovative ways that help you build a new strategy, an effective messaging arc, a winning reputation plan.

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